Vedic Mantras to Get pregnant

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Parenthood begins when the thought that “we want a child,” sprouts in the minds of the parents-to-be. The transition occurs at the thought level leading to a process called psychic fertilization. This mental transformation is important because psychic fertilization reinforces physical fertilization, which in turn influences conception.

Why do some couples struggle to get pregnant? In many cases, the most common cause of infertility is ‘unexplained’ in nature. Sometimes there could be a psychic or a spiritual energy block between the couple leading to the inability to conceive.

What increases the chances of getting pregnant? The Vedic sound vibrations help the couple to prepare themselves at the emotional and spiritual level by opening their energy channels. They help the couple to connect with the ultimate source of energy which is the natural way to conceive.

Benefits of the mantras
Prepares couple at the emotional and spiritual levels.
The best way to conceive is to help parents-to-be to connect to the aspiring soul to inhabit the mother’s womb.
Aids the aspiring couple to conceive in love and receive the baby with love.
Facilitates the couple to get pregnant naturally.

The Compilation contains mantras from different parts of Vedas coded in tracks

Track 1 Introduction
Track 2 Eliminate all obstacles
Track 3 Strengthen the reproductive system
Track 4 Sanctification of the process of conception.
Track 5 Clear the blocks which prevent conception.
Track 6 Prayers to remove all obstructions.
Track 7 Reinforce the will to have a baby.
Track 8 Prayers for a successful fertilisation.
Track 9 Meditation