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Deemark Diaba Plus Tablet

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Information about Deemark Diaba Plus Tablet

Deemark Diaba Plus Tablet is an revolutionary superior product with specific combination of Ayurvedic herbs with confirmed efficacy in Diabetes for diabetic patients. It delay glucose absorption from intestines additionally hold blood glucose levels on track through transferring glucose from the blood into body cells. This astonishing product no longer high-quality looks after Diabetes however also prevent long term headaches associated with diabetes.Key Ingredients:
  • Jamuna seed625 mg
  • Gudmaar leaf625 mg
  • Karela seed625 mg
  • Amra seed-625 mg
  • Sudh shilajeet niryas 0. 1665g
Net Qty: 90 tablets per bottle
Key Benefits:
  • This additive of herbs is invented to provide treatment to the humans from diabetes
  • It defend from its destructive consequences of chemically formulated tablets, this works via stimulating beta cells in human body
  • The synergistic combination of 5 essential herbs & its constituent's decreases peripheral resistance

Directions For Use:
  • Use under medical guidance

Safety Information:
  • Keep in cool and dry place
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage