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Steller Stevia Sachet

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Pack of 3 boxes, each containing 50 sachets= Total 150 sachets
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  • 100% NATURAL: Stellar Stevia Sweetener is 100% natural with nothing artificial and is completely non-GMO. It gets its unique sweetness from ClearTaste treated Reb A, one of the tastiest extracts directly from the stevia leaf. This is a no-calorie sugar substitute, great for sweetening coffee, tea, cereal, smoothies; whatever could use a bit of sweet!
  • BEST TASTING STEVIA: One of the most important differences between Stellar Stevia Sweetener and other stevia sweeteners is that it has no bitter aftertaste. This is because, unlike other stevia sweeteners, Stellar owes its unique sweetness to a mushroom enzyme ClearTaste. It blocks the bitterness of stevia without affecting the sweet taste. No other stevia sweetener brands on the market in India today use the ClearTaste technology
  • ALL-PURPOSE SWEETENER: Use Stellar Stevia Sweetener anywhere you would use sugar or an artificial sweetener; in hot or iced drinks like coffee, tea, lemonade, or smoothies. Great for use in baking or sauces; no bitterness; stevia extract means you won't miss sugar. Steller Stevia dissolves in water to give a clear colourless solution with no residue.
  • ZERO CALORIES: Natural, calorie-free sugar substitute that's suitable for people with sugar problems and a simple step for weight management and healthy lifestyles. No calories, nothing artificial, completely non-GMO.
  • SWEETEN YOUR LIFE: With no bitter aftertaste, using Stellar Stevia granulated sweetener is the natural way to go and you won't miss the sugar!