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Equal Sugar Control Sweetener Tablet

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100 tablet pack

Enjoy sweet delicacies without any guilt! Desserts and other sugar delights hold a special place in everyone’s heart but for diabetic people, consuming too many calories can take a toll on their health. To light up the lives of diabetic patients, we bring them Original Low Calorie Sweetener from the house of Equal, a global leader in low-calorie and plant-based sweeteners to satisfy their sugar cravings without any guilt. Now you can consume your favorite beverage and a variety of sweet treats without increasing your blood sugar level with Equal sugar free sweetener. Whenever you crave for sugar, reach out for Equal sweeteners. Simply use this table top sweetener over your everyday hot masala chai and coffee to add the perfect sweetness. Carry your healthy sugar companion with you wherever you go to choose the smarter way of sweetness. Having diabetes doesn’t mean the end of sweet treats. If you tend to binge on sweet delicacies, then switch to Equal.