LaStevia Natural Sweetener Sachet
LaStevia Natural Sweetener Sachet

LaStevia Natural Sweetener Sachet

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Net Qty: 30 sachets per packet

  • Health conscious : this is a kito, vegan and diabetic friendly product. Stevia is extracted from a native plant of paraguay and widely known as meeta tulsi in India. We uses high quality 97% purity stevia "reboudiana-a" eliminating the after taste completely. This is safe and harmless compared to artificial sweeteners. Does not contain aspartame, sucralose, fructose, saccharin
  • 30 Sachets in a box : our easily dispersible sachets of sweetener is equal to two tea-spoons of sugar. The sachets are easy to carry where ever you go. Buy multiple packs to reduce delivery charges
  • Stevia natural sweetener : It is a plant leaf based zero calorie sugar free sweetener. This white power is a perfect blend of stevia and high quality food additives giving a honey flavour. Treat to our taste buds, taste it to believe
  • Benefits of stevia : stevia is approved by FDA- us, efsa - europe, jecfa - who. Jefca considers stevia as non-carcinogenic and non-genotoxic. People of japan have completely banned artificial sugars and started using stevia as a natural sweetener. Stevia is anti-hyperglycemic, anti-hypertensive, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic
  • Sweeten anything : It can be added to all hot and cold beverages. This easily dissolvable sweet powder goes very well with green tea. Cannot find difference in taste between white sugar and stevia while mixing in fruit juices, especially with citrus fruits. Add it in milk while having at night