Balu Herbals Chandanasava
Balu Herbals Chandanasava

Balu Herbals Chandanasava

Balu Herbals
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Reason to use

  • cure urinary tract infection
  • reduces body heat
  • heal kidney-related issues

Net Qty: 500 ml per bottle

Benefits of Chandanasava

  • prevents kidney stone
  • remove toxins
  • improve digestion
  • reduces burning sensation
  • regulates uric acid


  • Red sandalwood ( Rakhta Chandana)- regulates blood circulation
  • Licorice(jethi madh)- cures ulcers in the stomach
  • Long pepper (pippali)-prevents infection
  • Lodhra- prevent bad cholesterol
  • Perfumed cherry(Priyangu)- cures fever

How to Use

  • Take 12 to 24 ml with an equal amount of water after a meal
  • Store at cool and dry place

Traditionally chandanasava is used in the treatment of burning micturition, urinary tract infections, and spermatorrhoea. It relieves excess body heat. It is mainly used for kidney disorders. Very effective ayurvedic medicine for Pittaja vyadhis like hematuria(blood in urine), pyuria, hyperuricemia, kidney stone, cystitis, spermatorrhoea, leucorrhea (white discharge), and gonorrhea. It fights off a wide range of microbes, and its lithotriptic property helps to dissolve the stones. 
• Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
• Prevents stone formation
• Lithontripic dissolving stone in the kidneys or bladder
• Diuretic
• Antioxidant