Mesmara Sesame Cold Pressed Oil
Mesmara Sesame Cold Pressed Oil
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Mesmara Sesame Cold Pressed Oil

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Information about Mesmara Sesame Cold Pressed Oil

Mesmara Sesame Cold Pressed Oil is rich in Vitamin E and B and in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. It is rich in essential fatty acids and helps to maintain the integrity of skin tissue while restructuring and moisturizing the skin.It effectively repairs damaged hair and hair loss. When massaged into the scalp, it enhances the hair's volume, shine and strength. It is an excellent emollient and it used as a popular massage and aromatherapy carrier oil.Net Qty: 1000 ML per bottle

Key Ingredients:
  • Eucalyptus globulus
  • Hexane-free extraction
  • 100 percent pure cold pressed sesame oil


Key Benefits:
  • Only the best sesame seeds and extracted by cold press to preserve the botanical actives
  • It is used as grounding and deeply nourishing massage oil, sesame oil is traditionally applied before or after bathing
  • It plays a important role in asian cuisine and is also an alternative medicine
  • It contains a higher proportion of fatty acids

Directions For Use:
Apply before or after bath to nurture and hydrate the skin and hair.

Safety Information:
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Keep away from children