your baby can read early language development system

Your Baby Can Read Early Language Development System

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Your Baby Can Read; Studio: Smart Kids Pubs

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A Bestseller! All 5 DVDs in the "Your Baby Can Read!" series: Starter, Vol. 1, Vol.2, Vol.3, & Review. Long-term research shows that children who are taught to read by age four, read better than same-IQ, same-socioeconomic status children who are taught at ages 5 or 6. Teaches babies, toddlers, and preschoolers written language during the window of oportunity for learning language. Promotes the learning of "natural phonics"! Includes remarkable footage of babies reading. Starter DVD: Introduces children to the wonderful world of words using Dr. Robert C. Titzer's fun, multi-sensory reading approach. Babies and toddlers do not just watch this DVD, they interact! Includes a 10-minute Parents' Segment. Vol. 1: Builds on the Starter. Entertains & educates using songs, poems, young children, animals, and interactive word games. Vol. 2: New words & songs, more animals & more fun! Vol. 3: Introduces many two- and three-word phrases using some of the words from the first 3 DVDs. Review: Reviews Starter through Vol. 3. Specifically designed to be viewed only after children are familiar with the first four DVDs in the series.