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James Nicolas defines Garbhsanskar as Conscious efforts to enhance mental ability and personality of the unborn baby. Tiny brain of the baby is the extention of mothers brain consequently every emotion thought reaches up to baby's brain ,this information is stored,later on it becomes foundation of Personality.Aim of garbhsanskar is to enhance Mental ability and Personality of Baby. Garbhsanskar is related to Neurology.

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Garbhsanskar means imparting knowledge to Baby in the Womb,even before Christ Indians were aware of Garbhsanskar ,but ancient Indian Garbhsanskar were limited upto religious message and rituals,Modern era demands higher level of Mental Ability and competancies because of competition in every walk of the Life. James Nicolas have developed systematic approach and syllabus for Pregnant women .It is available in Garbhsanskar CD Set,Personal Training by James Nicolas ,and One day workshop organized at various cities for Groups.

1. It contains 4  Audio CD's