Garbham Dehi by womb institute 2 CD

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This album is unique. Mantras such as Santaan gopal stotra,Garbham Dehi  Praja patishcharati garbhe, Adityam garbham, Garbham dehi , sanaha pitev, Om Imam are typical soothing renditions of our Vedas in the style oft heard. The beginning portions make you feel you are listening to a Puja being performed. It is interesting that our Vedas have covered every aspect of life to bring about a holistic human being. Despite these supports we see so many aberrations in the attitudes and mind sets in this land of the Vedas itself. The album is a recommended to buy. It makes for good listening whether pregnant or not and if it really has the desired effect on the expectant mother and child, that would be an added bonus.. These album is based on traditional practices and prepared after much research, with the hope that children born with good health, intelligence    

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  1. Intro 

  2. Ganesh Vandana

  3. Garbham Dehi

  4. Garbha - Sanrakshaka - Tantrokata - Mantra

  5. Santaan Gopal Stotra

  6. Samaveda Mantra

  7. Garbharakshambika Mantra

  8. Atma Sanskara Shatkam

  9. Ashirvachanam

  10. Gayatri kavach

  11. Gayatri Mantras

  12. Om Yena Patsavita 

  13. Himavat (To Conceive) 

  14. Garbhsravini Sookta

  15. Baalmukundashtakam

  16. Garbhsamvaad

  17. Devendradi (For Good Married Life & Pregnancy)

  18. Shiva Shaktya (Saundarya Lahari)

  19. Hey Shankara (For Putralabh)

  20. Devendradi (For Good Married Life And Pregnancy)

  21. Om Hreem (Durga Stuti - For Conceiving And Safe Delivery)  

  22. Om Hreem Shreem Aim (For Conception )

  23. Shrimadhavi (Garbharakshambika Stotra) 

  24. Om Hreem (Durga Stuti - For Conceiving And Safe Delivery)