Balu Herbals Mahanarayana Tailam
Balu Herbals Mahanarayana Tailam

Balu Herbals Mahanarayana Tailam

Balu Herbals
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Information about Balu Herbals Mahanarayana Tailam

Balu Herbals Mahanarayana Tailam contains the goodness of required Ayurvedic ingredients. Mahanarayana Thailam soothes, rejuvenates, and strengthens muscles and joints. It helps to reduce fatigue, and alleviate back pain and stiffness. It helps to increase joint mobility and flexibility. The formula helps to reduce joint stiffness, swelling and inflammation. It supports the health of the connective tissues and offers joint cushioning. It does not contain harmful ingredients and is safe for application.Net Qty: 500 ml per bottle
Key Ingredients:
  • Agaru, Ashwagandha, Bala, Bhringraja, Bilva, Cow Milk, Devadaru, Dharu Harithra, Eranda, Gokshra, Haridhra, Hariveera (Usira), Ilachi, Jatamansi, Kankola, Kantakari, Mudha Karpura, Kasthuri Paspu, Kramuka (Pokalu), Krishniparni, Kumkuma , Kustha (Coast), Manjista, Masaparni, Medha, Misri, Mugdaparni, Mustha, Nagakesari, Palasha Kusuma (Modhugapuvu), Paribhadra, Patali, Punarnava, Puskaramula, Rasna, Riddhi, Saileya, Saindhavalavanam, Sathavari, Shailiparni, Sonamuki, Sthauneya, Swetha Chandana, Thagara, Thejpatra, Till Oil, Vacha, Vavili, Yestimadhu

Key Benefits:
  • The oil helps to alleviate joint pain and soothes muscle pain and body aches
  • The formula helps to ease sprains and strains and relieves neck, back and knee pain
  • It helps manage concerns associated with joint disorders and reduces inflammation

Directions For Use:
  • Apply on affected area and massage

Safety Information:
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • For external usage only
  • Read the label before use