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shatavari kalpa by dr.balaji tambe santulan ayurved

Shatavari Kalpa

shatavari san

Shatavari San

amrut shatakara

Amrut Shatakara







avipattikar churna

Avipattikar Churna

ashokadi ghruta

Ashokadi Ghruta

ashoka aloe

Ashoka Aloe

brahmaleen oil

Brahmaleen Oil

brahmaleen syrup

Brahmaleen Syrup

brahmaleen ghruta

Brahmaleen Ghruta



balant lep

Balant Lep

baal amrut

Baal Amrut

baal herbal syrup

Baal Herbal Syrup

baby massage powder

Baby Massage Powder



cardisan plus

Cardisan Plus



femisan oil

Femisan Oil

gokshuradi churna

Gokshuradi Churna

hair san

Hair san

kundalini oil - spine care

Kundalini Oil - Spine care



manjishtha san

Manjishtha San



nasyasan ghruta

Nasyasan Ghruta



prashant churna

Prashant Churna



purusham oil

Purusham Oil

radha face oil

Radha Face Oil

rose beauty oil

Rose Beauty Oil

san brahmi

San Brahmi

san massage powder

San Massage Powder

san relax syrup

San Relax Syrup

sancool powder

Sancool Powder

shanti oil

Shanti Oil



suhrudprash plus

Suhrudprash Plus

san anjan - kajal

San Anjan - Kajal

san anjan - kajal grey

San Anjan - Kajal Grey

shruti oil

Shruti Oil

sunayan ghruta

Sunayan Ghruta

san kapha syrup

San Kapha Syrup



san pitta syrup

San Pitta Syrup

shatavari kalpa

Shatavari Kalpa green pharmacy


Balguti green pharmacy

baby massage oil

Baby Massage Oil green pharmacy

balguti syrup

Balguti Syrup

bal songati

Bal songati

dhuri ingredients (dhooriche sahitya )

Dhuri Ingredients (Dhooriche Sahitya )

shatadhauta ghrita

Shatadhauta Ghrita

ova arka

Ova Arka

bal sanjivan syrup

Bal Sanjivan Syrup

shatavari kalpa

Shatavari Kalpa green pharmacy

balant battisa

balant battisa

shatavari oil

Shatavari Oil

abhyanga oil

abhyanga oil green pharmacy

amrut dhara

Amrut Dhara

castor oil

Castor Oil green pharmacy

green hair oil

green hair oil

karanjel kapoor tail

Karanjel Kapoor Tail green pharmacy

jaswand hair oil

Jaswand Hair Oil

coconut oil

coconut Oil

aloe vera oil

aloe vera oil green pharmacy

kumkumadi oil

Kumkumadi oil green pharmacy

mahanarayan oil

mahanarayan oil

mustard oil

Mustard oil

prasarini liniment

Prasarini Liniment

sri gopal taila

Sri Gopal Taila

sesame oil

Sesame oil

badishep arka

Badishep Arka

rose water

Rose water

herbal mouth wash

Herbal Mouth Wash

sugar free cough syrup

sugar free cough syrup

khus water

Khus Water

aloe neem hand sanitizer

aloe neem hand sanitizer

hibiscus hair styling gel

Hibiscus Hair Styling Gel

jaswand gel

jaswand gel

aloe vera gel

aloe vera gel

saffro gel

saffro gel

sand srub

sand srub

henna conditioner

henna conditioner

abhyanga utane

Abhyanga Utane

herbal mehandi

Herbal Mehandi

instant shikakai

Instant Shikakai

herbal hair conditioner

Herbal Hair Conditioner

marble tooth powder

Marble Tooth Powder

protective powder

Protective Powder

multani mitti

Multani Mitti

sandal facial pack

Sandal Facial Pack

ayurvedic anti inflammatory plaster

ayurvedic anti inflammatory plaster

aloe cucumber moisturiser

Aloe Cucumber Moisturiser

aloe vera peel off mask

Aloe vera Peel off Mask

aloe vera sunscreen lotion

Aloe vera Sunscreen Lotion

guggul lotion reduces stretch marks

Guggul Lotion For Stretch Marks

lemon cleansing milk

Lemon Cleansing Milk

neem karanjel lotion

Neem Karanjel Lotion

aloe vera cream

Aloe vera Cream

lavender under eye cream

Lavender Under Eye Cream

sandal facial cream

Sandal Facial Cream



amalaki powder

Amalaki Powder Capsules

ashwagandha  powder capsules

Ashwagandha Powder Capsules

bowelcare capsules

Bowelcare Capsules

brahmi-gotu kola

Brahmi-Gotu Kola

breathe free formula

Breathe Free Formula

complete flexibility

Complete Flexibility

heart guard

Heart Guard

immunity formula




liver kidney formula

Liver Kidney Formula







peaceful sleep

Peaceful Sleep



amalaki powder

Skin Renew

sugar balance

Sugar Balance



triphala formula

Triphala Formula

tulsi - holy basil formula

Tulsi - Holy Basil Formula

tulsi-holy basil essential oil

Tulsi-Holy Basil Essential Oil

turmeric formula

Turmeric Formula



whole husk psyllium

Whole Husk Psyllium

herbal antibiotic blood purifier

Herbal Antibiotic Blood Purifier

weight balance


womens well being

Women's Well Being

the original tulsi chai masala

The Original Tulsi Chai Masala

the original tulsi tea

The Original Tulsi Tea

the original tulsi tea - 25 tea bags

The Original Tulsi Tea - 25 Tea Bags

tulsi sweet rose tea

Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

tulsi jasmine green tea

Tulsi Jasmine Green Tea

tulsi india breakfast tea

Tulsi India Breakfast Tea

tulsi mulethi tea

Tulsi Mulethi Tea

desi ghee

Desi Ghee



sukhasarak vati front

Sukhasarak Vati

arco front


bren kam

Bren Kam











kutaj compound

Kutaj Compound

mootradosh nashak vati

Mootradosh Nashak Vati

arogyavardhini vati

Arogyavardhini Vati

amavatari ras

Amavatari Ras

arshkalp vati

arshkalp vati

chandraprabha vati

Chandraprabha Vati

chitrakadi vati

Chitrakadi vati

stri rasayan vati

stri rasayan vati

udramrit vati

Udaramrit Vati

yauvanamrit vati

Yauvanamrit Vati

hridyamrit vati

Hridyamrit vati

jwarnashak vati

Jwarnashak vati

kayakalp vati

Kayakalp Vati

khadiradi vati

Khadiradi Vati

kutajghan vati

Kutajghan vati

lavangadi vati

Lavangadi Vati

laxmivilas ras

Laxmivilas Ras

madhukalp vati

Madhukalp Vati

madhunashini vati

Madhunashini Vati

mahasudarshan vati

mahasudarshan vati

medha vati

Medha Vati

medohar vati

Medohar Vati

mukta vati

Mukta Vati

punarnavadi mandur

punarnavadi mandur

raj pravartani vati

Raj Pravartani Vati

sanjivani vati

Sanjivani Vati

sarivadi vati

sarivadi vati

shilajeet rasayan

Shilajeet Rasayan

tribhuvankirti ras.

Tribhuvankirti Ras

giloy ghan vati

Giloy Ghan Vati

nimb ghan vati

Nimb ghanvati

peedantak vati

Peedantak Vati

tulsi ghan vati

Tulsi Ghan Vati

vishtinduk vati

Vishtinduk Vati

vridhivadhika vati

Vridhivadhika Vati

vrikkdoshhar vati

vrikkdoshhar vati

arjuna kwath

Arjuna Kwath

dashmool kwath

Dashmool Kwath

medha kwath

Medha Kwath

peya  herbal tea


peedantak kwath

Peedantak Kwath

sarvkalp kwath

Sarvkalp Kwath

swasari kwath 100gm

Swasari Kwath

jwarnashak kwath

jwarnashak kwath

kayakalp kwath

kayakalp Kwath

mulethi kwath

Mulethi Kwath

putrajeevak beej

putrajeevak beej

shivlingi seed

Shivlingi Seed

totala kwath

Totala Kwath

vrikkdoshhar kwath

Vrikkdoshhar Kwath

amalaki rasayana

Amalaki Rasayana

ajmodadi churna

Ajmodadi Churna

amla churna

Amla Churna

ashwagandha churna

ashwagandha churna

avipattikar churna

avipattikar churna

bilwadi churna

Bilwadi Churna

ashmarihar ras

Ashmarihar Ras



gashar churna

Gashar Churna

vatari churna

Vatari Churna

gangadhar choorna

Gangadhar Churna

haritaki churna

Haritaki Churna

lavan bhaskar churna

lavan bhaskar churna

panchkol churna

Panchkol Churna

shatavari churna

Shatavari churna

triphala churna

Triphala Churna

udarkalp churna

Udarkalp Churna

gokshuradi guggulu

Gokshuradi Guggulu

kaishor guggulu

Kaishor Guggulu

kanchnar guggul

Kanchnar Guggul

lakshadi guggul

Lakshadi Guggul

mahayograj guggul

mahayograj guggul

saptvisanti guggul

Saptvisanti Guggul

singhnad guggul

Singhnad Guggul

triphala guggul

Triphala Guggul

trayodashang guggul

Trayodashang Guggul

yograj guggul

Yograj Guggul

abhrak bhasma

abhrak bhasma

akik pishti

akik pishti

baheda churna

baheda churna

bakuchi churna

Bakuchi Churna

vang bhasm

Vang Bhasm

kulya bhasma

Kulya Bhasma

ekangveer ras

ekangveer ras

giloy sat

Giloy Sat

godanti bhasm

Godanti Bhasm

hazrulyahud bhasm

Hazrulyahud Bhasm



hirak bhasm

Hirak Bhasm

jahar mohra pishti

Jahar Mohra Pishti

kaharva pishti

Kaharva Pishti

kamdudha ras

Kamdudha Ras

kapardhak bhasma

Kapardhak Bhasma

kasis bhasm

Kasis Bhasm

kumar kalyan ras

kumar kalyan ras

lauh bhasma

lauh bhasma

mahavat vidhwansan ras

Mahavat Vidhwansan Ras



mandoor bhasm

mandura bhasma

mukta shukti bhasma

mukta shukti bhasma

praval panchamrit

praval panchamrit

praval pishti

Praval Pishti

rajat bhasma

rajat bhasma

ras manikya

ras manikya

rasraj ras

Rasraj Ras

ras sindoor

ras sindoor

sangeyasav pishti

Sangeyasav Pishti

saptamrit lauh

Saptamrit Lauh

sphatik bhasma

sphatik bhasma

shankh bhasm

Shankh Bhasm

shila sindur

Shila Sindur

sitopaladi churna

sitopaladi churna

swarn  vasant malti ras

Swarn Vasant Malti Ras

swarna makshik bhasma

swarna makshik bhasma

swasari ras

Swasari Ras

swet parperty

Swet Parpati

tal sindoor

Tal Sindoor

tamra bhasm

Tamra Bhasm

tamra sindoor

tamra sindoor

trikatu churna

Tankan Bhasm

trikatu churna

Trikatu Churna

vasant kusumakar ras

Vasant Kusumakar Ras

yogendra ras

Yogendra Ras

shilajit capsules

shilajit capsules

ashwagandha capsule

ashwagandha capsule

body massage oil

Body Massage Oil

kayakalp taila

kayakalp taila

kesh taila

Kesh Taila

peedantak tail

peedantak tail

sadbindu tail

Sadbindu Tail



eye drop

drishti eye drop

ashwshila capsules

Ashwshila Capsules

aloe vera gel

aloe vera gel



crack heal cream

Crack Heal Cream

dant kanti dental cream

Dant Kanti

dant manjan

dant manjan

kanti lep

kanti lep

kesh kanti hair cleanser

Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser

kesh kanti milk protein

kesh kanti milk protein

patanjali kesh kanti reetha shampoo

patanjali kesh kanti reetha shampoo


Patanjali Herbal Mehandi

patanjali tejus beauty cream

Patanjali Tejus Beauty Cream

patanjali tejus anti wrinkle cream

patanjali tejus anti wrinkle cream

peedantak pain reliever

Patanjali Peedantak Pain Reliever Ointment

patanjali aarogya  atta

Patanjali Aarogya Atta

aarogya biscuit

Aarogya Biscuit

amla candy

Amla Candy

amla chatpata

Amla Chatpata

amrit rasayan

Amrit Rasayan

badam pak

Badam Pak

badam rogan

Badam Rogan



bel candy

bel candy



shodhit harad

Shodhit Harad



pachak hing peda

pachak hing peda

mahatriphala ghrit

Mahatriphala Ghrit

hing goli

Hing Goli

jal jeera

Jal Jeera

jeera goli

Jeera Goli

phal griht

Phal Griht

methi pachak

Methi Pachak

swasari pravahi

Swasari Pravahi



special chyawanprash

Special chyawanprash

amla murabba

Amla Murabba

harad murabba

Harad Murabba

seb murabba

Seb Murabba

gajar murabba

Gajar Murabba

aloe vera juice plain

Aloe Vera Juice plain

aloe vera juice fiber

Aloe Vera Juice Fiber

orange aloe vera juice

Orange Aloe Vera Juice

amla juice

amla juice

amla juice

Lauki Amla Juice

ajwain pachak

Ajwain Pachak

chatpata chuara

Chatpata chuara

godhan ark

Godhan Ark



madhuram sugar

Madhuram Sugar

mustard oil

Mustard Oil

black pepper powder

Black Pepper Powder

coriander powder

Coriander Powder

fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

black pepper whole

Black Pepper Whole

cumin seeds

Cumin Seeds

turmeric powder

Turmeric Powder

kanti aloe vera soap

Kanti Aloe vera soap

somya haldi chandan

Somya Haldi Chandan

aqua fresh body cleanser

Aqua Fresh Body Cleanser

ojas mint tulsi body cleanser

Ojas Mint Tulsi Body Cleanser

ojas multani mitti

ojas Multani Mitti

ojas mogra

Ojas Mogra Body Cleanser

kanti panchagavya body cleanser

Kanti Panchagavya Body Cleanser

kanti neem soap

kanti neem soap

tejus body lotion

Tejus Body Lotion

tejus coconut oil

Tejus Coconut Oil

tejus tailum

tejas tailum

gulab jal

Gulab Jal

herbal hand wash

Herbal Hand Wash

patanjali cow ghee

Patanjali Cow Ghee

pure honey

Pure Honey

patanjali mix fruit jam

Patanjali Mix Fruit Jam

patanjali pineapple jam

Patanjali Pineapple Jam

patanjali brahmi sharbat

Patanjali Brahmi Sharbat

_patanjali bel sharbat

Patanjali Bel Sharbat

patanjali kesar badam sharbat

Patanjali Kesar Badam Sharbat

patanjali khus sharbat

Patanjali Khus Sharbat

patanjali mango sharbat

Patanjali Mango Sharbat

patanjali gulab sharbat

Patanjali Gulab Sharbat

baby lotion

baby lotion

gentle baby bath

Gentle Baby Bath

baby massage oil

baby massage oil

baby cream

Baby Cream

gentle baby bath

baby shampoo

diaper rash cream

diaper rash cream

baby powder

baby powder

gentle baby wipes

gentle baby wipes

gentle baby soap 125gm

Gentle Baby Soap

refreshing baby soap

Refreshing Baby Soap

extra moisturizing baby soap

Extra moisturizing Baby Soap

nourishing baby soap

Nourishing Baby Soap

babycare gift pack

Babycare Gift Pack

babycare gift pack soap shampoo powder

Babycare Gift Pack Soap Shampoo Powder

babycare gift pack himalaya  oil himalaya soap himalaya powder

Babycare Gift Pack Himalaya Oil Himalaya Soap Himalaya Powder

babycare gift series basket

Baby care Gift Series Basket

babycare gift series himalaya  soap  himalaya powder

Babycare Gift Series Himalaya Soap Himalaya Powder

garbh sanskar book in marathi

Garbh Sanskar Book in Marathi

garbh sanskar

Garbh Sanskar Book in gujarati

ayurvediya garbh sanskar

Ayurvedic Garbh Sanskar The Art And Science Of Pregnancy

garbh sanskar

Garbh sanskar

garbh sanskar

Garbh sanskar

ayurvediya garbh sanskar  gujarati

Ayurvediy Garbhsanskar (gujarati )

ayurvediya garbh sanskar marathi edition

Ayurvediya garbh sanskar marathi edition

suprajesathi garbhasanskar

Suprajesathi Garbhasanskar


Garbh sanskar

garbh sanskar

Garbh Sanskar

garbh sanskar book

Garbh sanskar book


Garbh sanskar book

abhimanyu garbh sanskar hindi

Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar book in hindi

abhimanyu garbh sanskar marathi book

Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar book in marathi

garbhavati va balantininsathigarbhavati va balantininsathi poshak pakakruti

Garbhavati Va Balantininsathi Poshak Pakakruti (Marathi)



garbhsanskar 5 audio cd

Garbh Sanskar 5 CD,S

garbh raksha  3 cd

Garbh Raksha 3 CD

garbham dehi 2 cd

Garbham Dehi 2 cd

vedic hymns

Vedic Hymns for expectant mother 2 CD

relaxation for expectant mother 2 cd

Relaxation for expectant mother 5 CD

the mozart effect for new born 5 cd

The Mozart effect for new born 5 CD

mantras for new born

Mantras for new Born 2 CD

hypnosis for childbirth

Hypnosis for childbirth 6 CD

garbhdn sanskar

Garbhdhan Sanskar 2 cd pack

mozart effect during pregnancy

mozart effect during pregnancy 5 cd pack

pregnancy guide from conception to birth

Pregnancy guide From conception to birth

blessing for parenthood

Blessing for parenthood

garbh sanskar blessings for the new arrival

Garbh sanskar blessings for the new arrival

feminine balance

Feminine Balance

garbh sanskar

Garbh Sanskar


Garbh Sanskar and Feminine Balance combo

sampoorna garbh sanskar

Sampoorna Garbh sanskar

garbhsanskar kanada language

Garbha Sanskaar Kannada

garbh snankalpa ani sidhi cd


ayurvediya  garbh sanskar

Ayurvediya garbhsanskar

garabhsanskar tantra ani mantra


garbh aur shishu sanskar

garbh aur shishu sanskar

manashakti garbh sanskar cd

Manashakti Garbh Sanskar music for Unborn garbh sangeet

abhimanyu garbh sanskar_marathi cd part 1

Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar Marathi CD Part 1

abhimanyu garbh sanskar_marathi cd part 2

Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar_Marathi CD Part 2

garbham dehi  mantras for expectant mothers

garbham dehi mantras for expectant mothers

garbhdan samaskar

garbhdan samaskar

garbhankur - 4 cd pack

Garbhankur - 4 Cd Pack

garbha kalyana mantras cd cover

Garbha Kalyana Mantras

garbhsanskar and yoga marath edition cd

garbhsanskar and yoga marathi

marathi garbhsanskar cd

garbhsanskar cd

garbh kalyan  cd 1

Garbh Kalyan

garbh dhyan-guided meditation for pregnant women

Garbh Dhyan Guided Meditation For Pregnant Women

garbha raksha  and omkara dhyana

Garbha Raksha & Omkara Dhyana

daydaptiman balakach janma (marati)

Garbh sanskar 4 CD pack in MARATHI

daydaptiman balakach janma (hindi)

Garbh sanskar 4 CD pack in Hindi

english garbhsanskar 4 cd set

Garbh sanskar 4 CD pack in English

gujarathi garbhsanskar 4 cd set

Garbh sanskar 4 CD pack in gujarahi

stree santulan

Stree Santulan

learn to meditate

Learn To Meditate

santulan om meditation

Santulan Om Meditation

yoga nidra  music for meditation & peace

Yoga Nidra: Music For Meditation & Peace

yoga nidra ii-music for relaxation & sleep

Yoga Nidra II-Music For Relaxation & Sleep

spirit of harmony healing music for relaxation

Spirit of Harmony Healing Music For Relaxation

devi chants evoking mahashakti - the supreme energy

Devi Chants Evoking Mahashakti - The Supreme Energy



maha aarti

Maha Aarti

the healing sounds of mahashakti durga

The Healing Sounds of Mahashakti Durga

santulan kriya yog book

Santulan Kriya Yog

samruddhi the healing sounds of shri mahalakshmi audio cd

Samruddhi The Healing Sounds of Shri Mahalakshmi Audio CD

shri dattatreya

Shri Dattatreya

vedic mantras for prenatal learning

Prenatal Learning - Vedic Chanting: The Path to Healthy Living

vedic mantras to nurture the new born

Vedic Mantras to Nurture the new born

vedic mantras to get pregnant

Vedic Mantras to Get pregnant

ease your delivery

Ease Your Delivery

vedic mantras for motherhood and expectant mother

vedic mantras for motherhood and expectant mother

vedic hyms for the expectant mother

Vedic hyms for the expectant mother

blessing for parenhood mp3 cd

Blessings For Parenthood

well being mantras for the new born

Well being mantras for the new born

harmony & balance - relaxation music pregnancy

Harmony & Balance - Relaxation Music Pregnancy

mother & baby va harmony & balance - relaxation music

MOTHER & BABY VA Harmony & Balance - Relaxation Music


Garbha raksha


Santhan Gopala Gayatri Mantra

body story - take over pregnancy dvd front cover

Body Story - Take Over Pregnancy

the new living body  reproduction   designer babies dvd

The New Living Body Reproduction Designer Babies

parenting the first 2 years dvd

Parenting The First 2 Years DVD

parenting the first 2 years cd

Parenting The First 2 Years CD

teach your baby to swim

Teach Your Baby To Swim

your baby can read  early language development system

Your Baby Can Read Early Language Development System

pregnancy guide - from conception to birth

Pregnancy Guide - From Conception To Birth

healthy pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy

relaxation for expectant mothers

Relaxation for Expectant Mothers

welcome baby home

welcome baby home

mother & baby - music cd

Mother & Baby - Music CD

gayatri mantra

Gayatri mantra

pregnancy music and melody

Pregnancy music and melody

pregnancy guide

Pregnancy guide

babys music moods

babys music moods

discovery channel the ultimate guide  pregnancy

Discovery Channel The Ultimate Guide: Pregnancy

national geographic

National Geographic

from conception to birth


ultimate guide to pregnancy dvd

Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy

national geographic

National Geographic The incredible human body

bbc the human body

BBC The human body

welcome baby home dvd

welcome baby home

laugh and learn about newborn baby care

Laugh and Learn about Newborn Baby Care

baby matters complete guide to childbirth and parent craft

Baby Matters Complete Guide to childbirth and parent craft

new born a guide for first-time parents

A Guide for First-Time Parents Your Newborn A User's Guide 2 DVD,s

breastfeeding dvd

All About Breastfeeding 2 DVD,s

be prepared for pregnancy dvd

Be prepared for pregnancy 2 DVD,s

1st trimester dvd

Pregnancy Exercise Guide 1st trimester 3 DVD,S

2nd trimester dvd

Pregnancy Exercise Guide 2nd trimester 3 DVD,S

3rd trimester dvd

Pregnancy Exercise Guide 3rd trimester 3 DVD,S

pregnancy exercise guide for each month

Pregnancy Exercise Guide for each month 9 DVD,s SET


Stree Arogya

ayurved uwach 1

Ayurved Uwach - 1 Marathi

ayurved uwach - 2 marathi

Ayurved Uwach - 2 Marathi

chakra sudarshan


shriram vishwapanchyatan

Shri Ram Vishwapanchayatan

peacock feathers

Peacock Feathers

santulan kriya yog book

Santulan Kriya Yog

ayurvedic home remedies

Ayurvedic Home Remedies

garbh sanskar blessings for the new arrival audio cd

Garbh Sanskar Blessings for the New Arrival

garbh sanskar feminine balance

Garbh Sanskar Feminine Balance

stree santulan

Stree Santulan


Feminine Balance

learn to meditate

Learn To Meditate