The  name Krumina itself suggest its functioning that it is a very good wormicidal. Improper digestion of food lead to worms infestation .The Contents of krumina activate the pachak agni (digestive power) and improves digestive function and hence destroy worms and basic cause for production of worms subsides.

Another cause of worms is excessive intake of sweets , chocolates , biscuits , ice-cream which produces dushit kapha which is good for the growth of worms.The contents of krumina remove such dushit kapha which is good for the growth of worms. Krumina  avoids the recurrence of worms as well as helps in easy excretion of stools thats why dead worms flush out easily.


Vidanga (Emblica ribes) 60mg, Vacha (Acorus calamus) 20mg, Latakaranj (Caesalpinia bondusa) 40mg, Trivrut (Mallotus phillippinesis) 20mg, Palasha (Butua frondosa) 40mg, Nadi Hingu (Gardenia gummifera) 40mg, Chauhar (Artemisia maritima) 40mg, Karpoor (camphor) 0.1mg, Pepperment Oil 0.5ml


Improper digestion leads to development of worms. Most of the medicines in the market are wormicidal, but they do not prevent the recurrence of worms Krumina acts doubly as wormicidal as well as preventive measure. worm infection is always present in every sex & every age grop due to contaminated water,food& air. so it is advisable to do deworming at the end of every 4 months.