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Product Description


Trikatu, made from Long Pepper, Ginger and Black Pepper, is traditionally used to support digestion and the overall gastric function. It stimulates digestive enzymes and promotes rapid absorption of nutrients, while optimizing metabolic function. Trikatu's pungent qualities clear excess mucus from the body, which aids digestion and supports respiratory function.

One of the reasons that Ayurveda developed was to take great care of royalty, so the science of creating antidotes to poisons arose in order to counter the guile of assassination attempts. Trikatu is one of the formulas used to “digest” toxins and poisons, not to mention meals. Modern science has confirmed that antioxidants are the typically the best way to neutralize poisons and that Trikatu is burgeoning with potent ones.

Also realize that high quality tissue can arise only from high quality food offered to a high quality digestive process. Trikatu, with Turmeric and Tulsi-Holy Basil, is one of your best allies to attain your optimal weight and state of fitness.

Traditional Uses

Traditional Uses Optimizing & Complementary Products Notes
Digestive Turmeric,Triphala Formula Trikatu is excellent for digestion at the level of the stomach and blood. The combination of three thermogenic herbs makes it excellent at waking up a congested or slow digestion. It can even break down antagonistic molecules. These herbs excel at increasing the bioavailability of other herbs and food.
Antioxidant Tulsi-Holy Basil This formula contains exceptionally strong antioxidants.
Immunity Immunity Formula, Chyawanprash The antioxidants in this formula are strong defense against organic and inorganic threats to immunity.
Weight Loss Triphala Formula,Tulsi-Holy Basil All else equal, three potent thermogenesic herbs will increase the chances of attaining optimal weight in most people, especially those experiencing congestion or cold/damp bloating.
Cold/Flu Turmeric, Immunity Formula,Liver Kidney Formula See Immunity section above. The ability to "digest" is key here.

Why is ORGANIC INDIA Trikatu superior?

Our herbs are organic and biodynamically grown, responsibly harvested and then skillfully processed. There is no shortage of high quality herbs in nature, but a huge paucity of skillful processing. All ORGANIC INDIA herbs are thoroughly tested for heavy metals. For more information, please read this.

Name Translation

Trikatu means “Three pungents.” Vishwabesaj means “The Universal Medicine.”

Ingredients/Parts Used/Active Molecules

Ginger/Vishwabesaj root 134 mg (Zingiber officinale) with pungents like gingerol and shogaol
Black Pepper fruit 133mg (Piper nigrum) with pungents like piperene and pinene
Pippilli /Long Pepper fruit (Piper longum) with pungents like piperine


Suggested Use

1 capsule 2-3x daily. Often best taken with Tulsi Tea. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, or for people with acid reflux or hyperacidity.