Peaceful Sleep

peaceful sleep

Product Description

Peaceful Sleep

Peaceful Sleep™ supports sound and refreshing sleep by naturally rejuvenating and calming the nervous system. Peaceful Sleep helps relieve stress and tiredness while supporting a natural, comfortable and restorative sleep. Peaceful Sleep will help you wake up refreshed and revitalized, not exhausted!

Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha and Tulsi all are renown nutritive “longlife” adaptogens with special affinities for calming by strengthening the nervous system.

Gotu Kola/Brahmi supports a clear and unstressed mind. Ashwagandha supports endurance, calm strength, and enduring vitality. Tulsi (Holy Basil) supports clear discrimination and potent emotional digestion. All are adaptogenic herbs, helping the body adapt to stress and rejuvenating deeply, helping to balance endocrine functions, including adrenal, thyroid and reproductive functions. Overall, this formula not only helps you to sleep, but ensures that the sleep is restorative.

Traditional Uses

Traditional Uses Optimizing & Complementary Products Notes
Adaptogen/Antistress Joy!,Vitality All three of these herbs are adaptogen champs. Truly, this formula is equally suited for all the categories below.
Antioxidant/Anti-aging Tulsi-Holy Basil All three herbs are superior sources of antioxidants.
Sleep Tulsi-Holy Basil Anti-stress sattvic herbs help calm the mind and make sleep restorative. Many sleep formulas work by dulling the mind.
Brain Immunity Formula All three are amongst the best medhya herbs, which are for the mind: Gotu Kola clears the mind; Tulsi-Holy Basil sharpens it; and Ashwagandha increases memory.
Detox Turmeric,Triphala Formula Gotu Kola is famous for detoxifying nerve tissue. Tulsi-Holy Basil, as a sattvic thermogenic herb, increases metabolism thereby contributing to detoxification.
 Adrenals Tulsi-Holy Basil,Liver Kidney Formula  All three herbs assist adrenal health.

Why are ORGANIC INDIA Brahmi-Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha and Tulsi-Holy Basil superior?

ORGANIC INDIA trains indigenous villagers in India to sustainably wildcraft forest Brahmi, and we grow our Ashwagandha and Tulsi-Holy Basil organically and biodynamically in their optimal and autochthonous habitats. All ORGANIC INDIA herbs are thoroughly tested for heavy metals. For more information, please read this.

Name Translation

Brahmi means “Divine” and is also one of the 8 Divine Mothers of all created Beings, metaphorically indicating its ability to blossom creativity and intelligence. The word Brahmi also refers to Saraswati, the Goddess of Speech, Creativity and the sacred Knowledge of living and acting skillfully.

Ingredients/Parts Used/Active Molecules

Brahmi / Gotu Kola whole herb 424 mg (Centella asiatica) with potent antioxidant polyphenols like flavanoids (quercetin, kaempferol, catechin and rutin) and triterpenes/saponins (asiaticosides, asiatic acid, madecassic acid)
Ashwagandha/Wintercherry Root 170 mg (Withania somnifera) with alkaloids (withanine) and adaptogenic saponin steroidal lactones (withanolides, including many withaferins).
Krishna Tulsi-Holy Basil leaf and flower 86 mg (Ocimum sanctum) with eugenol, caryophyllene and ursolic acid


Suggested Use

2-3 capsules with water before bed, or as directed by your health care practitioner.


We recommend that women who are pregnant, attempting to conceive, or lactating consult their healthcare practitioner before consuming Tulsi (Holy Basil).